How to enhance your face

Hello guys and girls
In this article i wanna show you tips and procedures which can make you more pretty 🙂

Things that helps you are:

  • Hygiene

  • Products

  • Food

  • Procedures/ surgeries

Lets take a look at each of those.

1. Hygiene

You must wash your face or use products which get bad bacteries from your face.
My small tips is that, if you change your pillow cases once every week or less, try to do it
more often. I do it everyday because when your face lies on the same case/material, it absorbs
bacteries, skin oils from your face. So your best bet is to change them everyday.


2. Products

I dont want to advertise for anyone, but its good to use some products. Especially for cleaning purpose and
then for hydratation purpose.
Being beautiful is your choice…But a good choice to make.
Also dont forget, if you go sunbathing or just leave in sunny country, use sun protection cremes.
If you have money go for products, that uses natural materials. This is mean for all products used for skin.
From makeup, lipstick, eye liners, hydratation, peeling cremes etc…


3. Food

Dont eat crappy food, simple fact. Dont eat processed food, food that is not natural. For some it can be gluten,
sugar,meat, cheese, or have allergy for tomatoes. If you wanna know which food makes your face look worse, just
try to put that food out of your diet for 3-4 weeks and see if there is any differences.
Best food to eat: Vegetables, fruits, non-processed food and drinking lot of water.
Also dont forget to exercise because that improves your overall well being, your stamina and sweating is good for you skin,


4. Surgeries

If you ask me why i put surgeries there, it is because many people are choosing to take them.
If you feel good about yourself how you are, you are ok. But there are many people who want to look more beautiful,
more symmetrical or just want to increase their overall apperance. This procedures can be:

  • Getting your teeth right or whiten them
  • Botox
  • Lip injection
  • Otoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty (
  • New hairline
  • piercings
  • eyebrows tattoo
  • face tattoo
  • etc..

.face 1

Guys if you will have any questions feel free to ask them by email.
Also dont forget to checking this site, because i will be putting there more content.

Until then, bye 🙂